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Here in the US we’re just two weeks away from our every-four-years-a-bigger-nightmare presidential election. If you’re an eligible voter and you haven’t registered yet, you’re pretty much SOL for this one. Sucks to be you. Mainly because you don’t care enough to be a participant in our great democratic experiment. Just go stand over there and weep quietly while the rest of us decide the future.


If you ARE a registered voter, well, you know – VOTE! Put in your two cents. Mark your X, fill in your box, dehang that chad, whatever it takes to be official in your neck of the woods. I’m a permanent mail-in ballot, and it’s presently staring me in the face from my desk waiting for me to finish my research on the issues, candidates, and propositions. It will be signed, sealed, and delivered in the next few days. My husband likes to actually go to the polling station and see democracy in action from the first-person perspective. Whatever floats his boat – we’re all floating in the same black sea of hell, so it doesn’t really matter how we get to the other side as long as we get there.

And, yes, Virginia – every vote DOES matter. Especially this year when our “choices” come down to another four years of Republican obstructionism, or the orange zombie apocalypse. Pick your lesser evil, and GET YER BUTT TO DA BALLOT BOX!!!

To all you non-Americans out there – pray for us, in whatever form your version of “pray” comes in. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

If you just want to avoid this whole mess entirely, here are some dancing kittens:


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Dear Donald Trump supporters:



Whenever I poke my head out to try and get back on track with this blog, the stupid washes over me like a giant tsunami. I think I’ll just have to keep hiding until after November 8th.


PS: VOTE!!! It’s our last, best hope…


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